Academic Policy Committee

The Fireweed Academy Academic Policy Committee is comprised of staff, parents and community members who oversee the mission of the school, insuring the integrity of the charter is maintained.  Generally, Fireweed’s APC meets 4:00 pm every 1st Monday of the month in room 104 in the West Homer Elementary building. All meetings are open to the public. For more information, call Janet Bowen at 235-9728.

Upcoming APC meeting dates:

August 4, 2018


FY18 APC membership March 2018

APC Committee list 12-4-2017


FY18 FWA April 9, 2018 Approved Minutes

FY18 FWA March 5, 2018 approved APC Minutes

FY18 FWA Feburary 5, 2018 Approved APC minutes

FY18 FWA January 8, 2018 Approved minutes

FY18 FWA December 4, 2017 approved minutes

FY18 FWA APC minutes approved November 6, 2017

FWA October 10, 2017 Approved APC minutes

FWA September 5, 2017 Approved APC minutes.docx

FWA August 15, 2017 Approved APC minutes









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