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Nurse’s notes February 2018

There is so much going on this month. February is Heart Health Month. The American Heart Association has put together a nifty handout that lists “Life’s Simple 7”-seven steps you can take to improve your health. A quick synopsis of “Life’s Simple 7”: get active, control cholesterol, eat better, manage blood pressure, lose weight, reduce blood sugar, and stop smoking! The American Health Association’s website is One local resource to help with these goals is SVT’s Thriving Thursdays program. SVT’s contact number is 226-2228 if you would like more information. Also, Homer’s Parks and Recreation program has a variety of fun ways to keep active throughout the year. Their website is The SPARC also has a variety of ways to help keep active. Their website is West is also participating in the Jump Rope for Heart program in February. It is a fundraiser for the American Heart Assocation that encourages being active and healthy habits along with thank you prizes. More information will be coming home soon.

Here at school, gymnastics and wrestling are going strong. I believe cross country skiing will start soon. Girls on the Run (for 3rd-5th grade girls) will be starting on February 12th.  The Mileage Club will start after Spring Break. I will send more information home later.

Homer has a new support for families: Safe Families for Children (SFFC) is a program that provides a safe place for parents to voluntarily place their children in safe homes while facing crisis. The goal of SFFC is that parents who utilize the program will be connected to a healthy support system. This support from healthy relationships is a powerful protective factor for families and children that optimizes a family’s ability to live a healthy life now and in the future. For more information, call (907) 277-0925.

There are a variety of illnesses in the community and it is not too late to get a flu shot. To help prevent illness, wash your hands frequently, try to get lots of rest and eat right. Oh, and avoid sick people!  I am reminding families to continue weekly head checks for lice.

If you have any questions, you can contact me at 235-5788, or stop by my office.

Your school nurse-Laura Peek, RN


Nurse’s Notes November 2017

COLD WEATHER CLOTHING                      

 Dear Parents / Guardians:

Cold, wet weather is here! Appropriate clothing is needed to keep your child warm and dry. School policy states that all children will go outside at recess unless the chill factor exceeds -10 degrees or it’s raining significantly. Studies have shown that fresh air and exercise increase a child’s ability to learn in the classroom, even for those who have, or are recovering from, a minor illness. Please consider the following guidelines:

  1. Water repellent hat, coat and foot gear for damp and wet days.
  2. Mittens or gloves
  3. Clothing: Several layers of light clothing that fit comfortably without binding and/or snow pants and rain gear.
  4. Hat or ear band: Should be worn even if your child’s coat or snowsuit has a hood. Hoods frequently do not stay in place or fit snugly enough around the ears.
  5. Foot Gear that will keep the feet dry: Insulated boots or rubber boots with warm socks. Both types should be removed when indoors. Boots worn indoors cause feet to perspire and become damp. Wet feet will become cold feet on the next trip outdoors.
  6. A light shoe (i.e. tennis shoes) should remain in the classroom for indoor wear.
  7. Stocking feet are not adequate in case of a fire drill.
  8. All removable clothing should be labeled with your child’s name.

 As a general rule, children who are well enough to attend school benefit from outdoor recess time.

Because we don’t keep spare clothing in the nurse’s office, someone from the school will be calling you for dry clothes if your child needs them. Some families have chosen to send their child with an extra set of pants, socks and underwear to avoid that situation. If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach the nurse at 235-5788.

Laura Peek, RN and  Melissa Miller, RN

West Homer Elementary and Fireweed Academy

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