Ellis Island Simulation 2014

To learn about our Ellis Island Simulation, click here: Ellis Island simulation

Indira and Khadicha Mukambetova from Kyrgyzstan

Indira and Khadicha Mikambetova from Kyrgyzstan talk to Fireweed academy kids about the process of applying for US citizenship and the Naturalization exam.

Below are pictures taken from the simulation.

'The great Hall of Ellis Island' awaits Immigrants

The Great Hall of Ellis Island awaits Immigrants

David and Kimimmigrant Kiki, our principal

Teacher Dave Lefton                             Principal Kiki Abrahamson |
(Highwater Lefkowitz from                (Magnhild Skramstad
Austria)                                                    from Norway)
Teacher Kim Fine
(Rosina Nazzao from Italy
a ravioli maker)
Math-Scince teacher Kris Owens

Teacher Kris Owens

Intake worker, teacher David Lefton  incoming immigrant 'Franz' aka Teacher Jon Kulhanek Teacher    David Lefton                                       Teacher Jon Kulhanek “Franz Johanssen
Highwater Lefkowitz’ from Austria                  from Sweden, a nusician and baker

Teacher Kim Fine with NoahKindergartener Teacher Deb Schmidt, waiting for entrance to America

Teacher Kim Fine and Skills Trainer Noah         Teacher Deb Schmidt ‘Libby
Kozeluh from Czechoslovakia, a musician

Teacher Stephanie Zuniga

Teacher Stephanie Zuniga

waiting with all their belongingshopeful immigrantsP1000272Immigrants beginning the background check process

Its a long wait to start the process

napping P1000233

P1000262 P1000266

P1000268  The health Station 2

Bea and LeifBritaFranz-Teacher Jon Kulhanek P1000256 P1000261 still waiting, even when admitted to America Waiting to be processedSHARING OUR WARESFranz and his lovely wife



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