Fall 2020/Spring 2021 School year: FY21 Fireweed Academy Intent-to-Enroll
Use this form to let us know you are interested in attending and/or continuing to attend Fireweed Academy. It is due no later than Feb 28, 2020.  Students whose forms that are received after that date may be placed on a first come first served wait list. We do our very best to enroll all students that are interested in attending Fireweed Academy.

Immunization religious exemption form new form as of July 1, 2013, requiring a notarized signature. This form is required to be completed EVERY School year. Janet Bowen, The Administrative Assistant at Fireweed Academy is a Notary and can notarize these forms for you.

4 Responses to Forms

  1. Mihelle foss says:

    I would love to get more information on your school for my daughter. Can we make a appointment for a tour? She will be to young to attend this coming year. Wanted to get an idea of what will work best for her because her birthday is September 5th.
    Thank you

    • e02450 says:

      Hi Mihelle, I sent you an email…call if you want to make an appointment to visit our school after the winter break.
      Janet Bowen 907-235-9728

  2. Elizabeth Kandror says:

    My son will turn 4 in Oct 2019. Will he qualify to go to school? Is there a waiting list I have to sign up for?

    • e12432 says:


      Since your son was born after September 1st, he would need to go through several assessments in order to gain an early entrance into Kindergarten. If you have any questions or want to speak directly to me, please call 235-9728. Todd Hindman, Principal

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