Volunteering is Important!

Throughout my career I have been lucky to work in small schools that helps develop a sense of community where students, parents, and teachers work together for the benefit of greater student achievement and social skills.

Study after study has shown that students, families, and schools benefit in many ways when they are all engaged in a child’s education.  Students achieve greater academic success, have better attendance, are provided with higher expectations, develop better relationships with peers and adults leading to fewer behavioral issues and for students behind academically they are able to make the greatest gains.

These smaller schools also allow a lot of flexibility, to provide more opportunities for students than larger traditional schools.  With that said, smaller schools with a small number of teachers, also means more work for the staff, especially when we are planning and providing field trips, special family/school events, and unique lessons during the school day.

In an effort to provide parents with more opportunities to be involved with the school and their child’s education, I am sending home a list of volunteer opportunities here at Fireweed Academy.  We want to offer you ways to help out that work for you and your busy schedules, whether that be at home or at school.

So, be thinking about how you would like to be involved in making Fireweed Academy the best school that meets the needs of your child.  And, take the first step by completing the application to become a volunteer !


Thank you ! Todd